About us

Morouj Foods - Taste of nature

Morouj started in January 2020 but we are in the market of natural healthy products since 2017. HQ and main branch is located in Alexandria, Egypt while our first branch in Upper Egypt is located in Beni Sweif. Our aim is to provide natural and healthy products to everyone. We deliver our products in a professional way with the most affordable price range. The diversity of our products meet the requirements & needs of our customers.

Morouj Foods is the Arabic word for pastures (pl.) which is the land with grass and plants where animals could graze. The name indicates the nature of our products, they are all natural without any artificial addons. Now Morouj delivers bees honey, olive oil, dates, nuts, dry fruits. Lately fresh fruits & vegetables have been added to our products collection using latest technology in agriculture disinfection with ozone gas (O3).

Still new products are coming soon. Fresh juice, smoothies, fruit boxes & fruit salads are on the way to join our  collection. Healthy and fresh food is becoming a way of life and Morouj will be part of it.

Morouj Foods Team.

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